What do we do

Bhagta Bharat is a registered nonprofit organization which is working towards the empowerment and character building of children from lower income group of Urban and Rural area, with the aim of shaping them into good citizens, through the medium of sports, leadership and adventure training as well as through character and team building exercises.

Bhagta Bharat aims to introduce discipline through sports of other activities and increase the aspirations of children for value based living.

To begin with, Bhagta Bharat has employed the Sport of Running which everybody can participate, in as a measure to empower children and channelize their energies in a positive direction .

To achieve this, Bhagta Bharat running clubs have been set up in Low income Urban and Rural areas which organize Races and sports every Sunday managed by the local children themselves in their respective areas.

How we do it

Bhagta Bharat Running Clubs are present in Low Income Urban Areas and in Rural Areas

The Clubs organize races for the local children every Sunday

Regular daily training sessions are also held for the more serious runners

The Clubs are managed by the Children Leaders themselves

Leaders are provided Leadership Training &Values Education

Children and Leaders are given opportunities to see the outside world through outings, participation in public races, outstation leadership camps, etc.

The entire organisation is run by the National Committee comprising of Senior Leaders who meet on a monthly basis

The National Committee is mentored by the Governing Body and Society Members

How we Create Impact

Impact through Empowerment

Bhagta Bharat clubs has given the children a sense of Identity, Bonding and Purpose. The children's energy is now being positively channelized - helping them to stay away from Drugs and Crime. Some of our best Leaders have been the most notorious children

The Leaders are respected in the community and have become role models for the younger children.

Individual clubs have initiated their own Tution Classes, English Speaking classes, Computer Coaching, etc. conducted by senior students.

Clubs have also taken initiatives in Community Work e.g. Health Camps for Women, Organizing races in remand homes, etc.

Impact by Creating Champions

Bhagta Bharat is able to spot raw talent at an early stage and nurture it

Our runners consistently win a large proportion of Medals in Delhi State championships and other open races

Sangeeta won Airtel Marathon 2015 in the Amateurs Category

Avdesh Nagar broke the National Sub Junior record in 2000 metres. His current timing is amongst the best in Asia

Impact through Careers

Running and Mentoring has opened up a stream of opportunities for the children and Leaders

Children are successfully training for recruitment into Army and Police.

Leaders involved in Coaching have opted for Physical Education as a career

Better runners are being able to get college admissions through sports quota

Bhagta Bharat - A Unique Model

Organisation Of the children, By the children and For the Children

Focus is on Values and Fun.

Impact in Empowerment, Leadership, Education, Careers happens naturally

Managed almost entirely by the Children

Extremely scalable in a very cost effective manner

Current Status

20 clubs reaching out to 5000 children and 200 leaders

Clubs mostly in Delhi NCR including Gurgaon and Noida; and in Rural Areas of Uttarakhand

Budget of Rs 1 Lakh/month (appx. Rs. 5000 per club)

The Road Ahead

Ready to Scale Up – expand to 50 clubs in the next one year reaching out to 10,000+ children and creating 500+ Leaders

Strengthen the Board – specially for Leadership Training and Governance

Expand the Society to 300+ like minded souls

Enhance mentoring capacity

Increase reach

Sustainable funding of 3L per month (1K per member)

The Team

Vivek Bhushan

Vivek is an ardent sports lover who wants to serve by trying to bring in a self realisation in kids about the right values and attitudes through sports.

Asim Handa

Asim is an avid athlete and sports enthusiast who has organised international sports events working both with grass root & national level athletes and corporates.

Vikas Kapur

Vikas is an entrepreneur industrialist, who always wanted to build an understanding of team spirit, leadership and entrepreneurial drive in young people, Vikas has been engaging with and supporting Bhagta Bharat since it's inception.

Ashok Kapoor

Ashok supports leadership and entrepreneurial development of the deserving and achieves inner satisfaction through services to all.

Vikram Singh

Vikram is a passionate Physcial Educator, PhD in Physical Education and M.Sc in Yoga, presently working with JNU, He has written 11 books on Fitness, Sports and Yoga. Total 56 publications to his credit.

Col KK Nanda

Col. K.K. Nanda (Retd.) has served in the Army for 32 years during which he commanded an infantry battalion. He took part in 1971 war and many other operations besides being exposed to various adventurous assignments and sports activity. He was also an instructor at the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune and chief instructor at NCC, Women Officer Training School, Gwalior. He has done a number of Management courses including MBA. He loves to groom the youngsters of Bhagta Bharat into good citizens and good leaders.

Ranjeet Oak

Ranjeet is an avid supporter of sports and education for kids. Having worked across different countries and industries, he believes in supporting each kid to reach his true potential.

Prabhat Agarwal

Prabhat believes that every child is gifted and should have equal opportunity to realize her dreams. He mentors and supports bright children from humble backgrounds to achieve their potential. Prabhat has been a serial entrepreneur and is now involved with startups.


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